Summoners wars: Game review and guide for tips and trick

Summoners war is a multiplayer game and one the best strategy game in the mobile device. In the game there are so many levels and thousands of monsters are available in the game. Developers of the game are Com2us from South Korea. Game is based on collecting monsters and currencies, in-fact there are various types of currencies and thousands of monsters in the game. Summoners wars hack useful tool to unlock currencies easily.

Gameplay to progress in the game

·        Scenarios & Monster levelling – The primary objective of the game is to finish all of the scenarios on normal or hard mode to unlock new levels and rewards for clearing each zone. Before entering the region, things to remember are that always pick four energy slots and five slots of blades. Energies are so helpful in making monster tanks full enough for giant keepers.

·        Tower of Ascension – After finishing the building of GB10 team, players are able to formation it above 85 per cent of success rate. Tower of Ascension needs to done once in a month, and it rewards some expensive things which player can only get by Summoners wars hack tools.

·        Endgame Player Vs Player – After finishing the Necropolis basements level 10, the team player can play with the same level of rivals on PvP Montessori arena.

·        Necropolis basements – Necropolis basements run a very great arena like Real-time arena, Guild wars. NB fights are sometimes smooth and sometimes very hard to win.