All Stages Of Life In The Sims Freeplay

The games are played a majority of individuals for getting entertainment. All games are not providing proper entertainment and its reason is the concept of development. If you are searching for a good game with a unique concept then choose The Sims FreePlay. The individuals can install its application on the iOS & Android smartphones. In the game, players need to build some residential units for the sims. You need to create more sims for providing a good neighbourhood and create an awesome world. The world becomes good with communication and for it, you should allow sims to interact with each other. 

Details about life stages

If sims are interacting with each other then they feel some love. By it, players are able to face different stages of life. In the game, players see all life stages of sims from the birth to an old age individual. During the emerging life stages, you can perform all types of activities those are performed by an individual in real life. With it, the players can buy several things or facilities such as – owning a car, purchasing clothes, pets and so on. In the upcoming paragraphs, players can get detailed information about all stages of life in the game.

Frist stage of life

The first stage of the life is baby. For a baby in the game, players need to build a home first. After that, they should pay attention to love and marriage factors. For the baby, stage of marriage is essential. The parent sims are required to provide all possible lessons to the baby such as –

•         Way of crawling

•         Walking

•         Basic lessons of life

During the baby stage, players should provide knowledge to the baby about music. With it, you can perform all activities with babies those you can in real life.

Toddlers stage

In the toddler stages, sims are becoming helpful in in-game activities. It means the role of toddlers is more as compared to babies. The players can take this stage of sims to the playhouse for some fun. By it, they become happy and interact with some other ones. In some activities, the toddlers are supervised or performing activities under the guidance of adults. You should allow the toddlers to go with adults to beaches and some other fun related places. The toddlers can collect seashells on from beaches.

Stage of preteens

In the game preteens stage is completely inspired by the real world. Here, the preteens can perform all activities those can be acted by a real individual. The preteens are able to spend money for their happiness and fun. The main thing is the money which is spent by them is not own. They withdraw it from adults. In this stage, they are not able to do any type of job. However, they can earn money from hobbies.

Teens life – full of fun

The activities of preteens and teens are a little bit similar. The major difference between both stages is the earning. The teens need to earn own money to spend. For the money, they should use their skills. The teens can take guidance from adults in the development of special skill such as driving. The sims of teens stage are able to participate in following activities –

•         Cooking 

•         Driving

•         Skating

•         Breakdancing

There are several other activities those a teen can be performed. You can say that the teen stage characters having lots of fun and spend precious time of the life.

Activities of adults

When the adult stage of sims begins then they need to think about lots of things. The most important point in their career. They need to put efforts and do hard work for making the life successful. There are several options available for the career like – real-estate business, teaching and so on. With the age, hobbies of sims such as – fishing, salsa dancing, ghost hunting and many more.

Last stage of life

The last stage of sims’ life is seniors. In the senior stage, the career of Sims comes to the retirement. Due to the retirement, they do not have any type of work. For spending the free time, old sims consider different types of activities like –

•         Bingo

•         Quilting

•         Bird feeding

These are hobbies of seniors and the changes are happening due to the age factor a big help for the game is Sims FreePlay Cheats so try it.