Learn To Play the Drums With Simple Facts For Beginner

Learn To Play the Drums With Simple Facts For Beginner


Every lover of music knows about drums and how it changes the music era. Drums are the popular instrument in music and help so much for growing music era. If you are a lover of drums, it is one of the best instruments you will learn in your lifetime. A drummer is a unique identity in the world when most of the people learning guitar but a drummer are always unique and special. There are several best drum set manufactures in the world.

Guide for beginners

Get the required equipment – First thing to learn the drums is to purchase two drum sticks, it is the first and important equipment of the drum kit. In the beginning three snares at top and one at the foot side bass drum required for best drum set. Attach the foot pedal on the bass drum to make a bass sound.

Learn to hold the sticks – once you purchase the drum kid, the first thing to learn is the right way to hold the stick. It’s not too hard to hold the sticks, but it takes time to have full control over the grip while hitting the drums. Keep the drum stick on the side of the thumb and crossed by the soft part of the hand. When you hit the snares, the soft part of your hand will not hurt, and it will grip the stick well.

Learn the first beat – It will always be a memorable time when you start to remember what was the first beat on drums was. Keep the left stick on the left side of plates, and right side stick on the nearest snare. Adjust the beat and start it slow.