Summoners war is a multiplayer game and one the best strategy game in the mobile device. In the game there are so many levels and thousands of monsters are available in the game. Developers of the game are Com2us from South Korea. Game is based on collecting monsters and currencies, in-fact there are various types of currencies and thousands of monsters in the game. Summoners wars hack useful tool to unlock currencies easily.

Gameplay to progress in the game

·        Scenarios & Monster levelling – The primary objective of the game is to finish all of the scenarios on normal or hard mode to unlock new levels and rewards for clearing each zone. Before entering the region, things to remember are that always pick four energy slots and five slots of blades. Energies are so helpful in making monster tanks full enough for giant keepers.

·        Tower of Ascension – After finishing the building of GB10 team, players are able to formation it above 85 per cent of success rate. Tower of Ascension needs to done once in a month, and it rewards some expensive things which player can only get by Summoners wars hack tools.

·        Endgame Player Vs Player – After finishing the Necropolis basements level 10, the team player can play with the same level of rivals on PvP Montessori arena.

·        Necropolis basements – Necropolis basements run a very great arena like Real-time arena, Guild wars. NB fights are sometimes smooth and sometimes very hard to win.

So you are here to know more about Coin Master. Well, you come to the right place. Here you find everything about Coin Master that you should know. Therefore, let’s start with the basics of Coin Master. It is casual-based game created by Moon Active a short time ago. The developers of the game make it for both IOS and Android users. There are numerous things present in Coin Master which they have to understand properly and then start playing the game.


Features in Coin Master make it an attractive game among all others. With the help of these features payers get more interest than before while playing the game. Some of the main features of Coin Master are given below –

·         The game considers an in-ap purchases feature which helps them in buying all things using real-life money.

·         Also, in Coin Master there are two main types of currencies present i.e. coins and spins.

So, these are some cool features of Coin Master which are the major reasons behind the great success of Coin Master.


AS you know that currency in Coin Master is present in two types i.e. coins and spins, so it is crucial for you to earn both of them in huge amount. The more and more currency you grab in Coin Master the easier it become for you to make further progress. With currency, you become able to perform all activities and tasks which are necessary in Coin Master.

Cheats and hacks

It is another major aspect of Coin Master to focus on. Users have to know that they are free to make use of hacks or cheats to get everything easily. Therefore, to hack coin master one should read some reviews that are present online and then make appropriate use of the same option to get good results.


Do you want a game where you can play with your friends? So here is it. Assassins Creed Rebellion is the role-playing and action game where one can take the best decision for the welfare of the team. It is the game where you need to select the best heroes to make the team. While playing your main aim is to collect the coins and credits to unlock some authentic features. In most of the cases, the player may not get the correct amount of coins that why they take help from Assassins Creed Rebellion Hack. With the help of hack, one can quickly get an unlimited amount of currency.

How to collect currency?

As we know that in the entire game, the currency plays a vital role, for the player, it is essential to collect as much as currency to play well. Thus, there are some tips for managing coins:

•         Events: the players of Assassins Creed Rebellion have to participate in the activities for earning the coins and credits. Once they have involved in the event that means they need to win the competition and after that, they get some currency.

•         Challenges: The game is divided into different challenges so one can complete them and win the coins and credits.

•         Use Facebook: Here, one can use the Facebook account to invite the friends that mean you will get the chance to win some coins.

Thus, these are some tips that help you in collecting the currency. Once you earn the currency, it means you can easily unlock some features.

Homescapes is like a puzzle game which is released by Playrix Games. It is the best casual game in all over the world. In it, many types of tasks and quest are available which give of happiness. For playing it in proper way tips and tricks are requiring to enhance your performance and winning chances. If you are looking for best tactics then here today we tell some professionals tips.

Tips and tricks-

  1. The moves are the vital part of the puzzle missions because you have limited moves to save puzzle. It is useful to clear the board and complete the task. When you finish the level with moves, then you will get some rewards. For achieving the missions moves are must require so always save the moves.
  2. The rainbow ball is a powerful thing in Homescapes. With the help of rainbow ball, you are able to change the color of the board via swapping ball. If you want to create rainbow ball, then match five tiles in a row and column. If you’re going to create the certain tiles types, then create the rainbow ball and match it. In this way, you are able to create a rainbow ball and collect the tiles.
  3. Create own paper planes in it because it is useful to clear out a piece or even break a locked piece for free. In the particular area you needing a carpet then you can use a paper plane. It counts into the boosters to enchase the level.
  4. The Rockets are also counting into the booster to solve the puzzle game. When you clean the rows and columns, then it will be activated. With the help of Homescapes Cheats, you can complete the challenges and level. Always try to maximize your rocket to complete the tasks and missions.
  5. The upgrade is one of the best tactics. In it, many upgrades are available to upgrade the things. Via the updates, your things will improve with more skills and power. It is also helping you improve your winning chances. Spend the money on updates to boost the level and complete the missions.
  6. Always use the currencies wisely because it is useful to buy lots of things. It is also useful to upgrade the things. It’s oblation to very hard but with the help of some ways you can make it possible. So always spend it on useful things.