Hungry Shark Evolution is the only game available for the mobile users where you can meet with many categories of sharks. It is a good platform for all the people who want to live the underwater life. People of all ages can play it to reduce the stress in an entertaining way. You only need a mobile and internet connection to play it perfectly. All the players should spend some time on the guides and try to watch the video of the tutorial properly.

Information about the Coins      

It is not easy to earn the currencies in the game. You have to work hard and spend more time to collect a massive amount of money.

Coins– It is a type of currency in the game, and you have to complete many of missions to earn these coins. It is easy to earn the coins as compared to gems. Eat more and more gold things to get the coins easily. There are many to earn the coins you need to watch Hungry Shark World Cheats to learn all.

  • Give your best and eat all the golden creatures, it gives you the small number of coins, but you can collect these easterly in the game.
  • Try to eat the all-school fishes, because it gives you the high amount of coins. On the other hand, it is not easy to eat all the fishes from the school; you have to work hard to complete it.
  • The game allows you to earn the coins by viewing all the available toys in the store. You can earn approximately 250 coins by completing the simple task.
  • Don’t miss to collect the free coins like a daily bonus. It is the type of chest, and you have the chance to get unique prizes and more coins. The game gives you these bonuses once in a day try to utilize them.
  • Complete more and more missions and earn the coins. There are many missions are available for your in the game complete all of them and try to up your level quickly.


Homescapes is like a puzzle game which is released by Playrix Games. It is the best casual game in all over the world. In it, many types of tasks and quest are available which give of happiness. For playing it in proper way tips and tricks are requiring to enhance your performance and winning chances. If you are looking for best tactics then here today we tell some professionals tips.

Tips and tricks-

  1. The moves are the vital part of the puzzle missions because you have limited moves to save puzzle. It is useful to clear the board and complete the task. When you finish the level with moves, then you will get some rewards. For achieving the missions moves are must require so always save the moves.
  2. The rainbow ball is a powerful thing in Homescapes. With the help of rainbow ball, you are able to change the color of the board via swapping ball. If you want to create rainbow ball, then match five tiles in a row and column. If you’re going to create the certain tiles types, then create the rainbow ball and match it. In this way, you are able to create a rainbow ball and collect the tiles.
  3. Create own paper planes in it because it is useful to clear out a piece or even break a locked piece for free. In the particular area you needing a carpet then you can use a paper plane. It counts into the boosters to enchase the level.
  4. The Rockets are also counting into the booster to solve the puzzle game. When you clean the rows and columns, then it will be activated. With the help of Homescapes Cheats, you can complete the challenges and level. Always try to maximize your rocket to complete the tasks and missions.
  5. The upgrade is one of the best tactics. In it, many upgrades are available to upgrade the things. Via the updates, your things will improve with more skills and power. It is also helping you improve your winning chances. Spend the money on updates to boost the level and complete the missions.
  6. Always use the currencies wisely because it is useful to buy lots of things. It is also useful to upgrade the things. It’s oblation to very hard but with the help of some ways you can make it possible. So always spend it on useful things.